Breakfast at Spring Canyon

I found this Black-necked Stilt and Snow Egret at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon last week, grubbing around for breakfast just after sunrise. This little Killdeer wanted to flirt. The Turkey Vulture was a bit stand-offish. An Eared Grebe graced us with its presence.

Another Photo Dump

I have got to be one of the most inconsistent bloggers around. My last post was nearly 6 weeks ago. I go out birding nearly every day and I take a lot of photographs, it just seems too much trouble to get around to processing photos and posting Them, I have promised in the past…

Lesser Black-backed Gull

A few days ago a fellow birder spotted this 1st winter Lesser Black-backed Gull at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon so I went out this morning to see if I could find it. It’s a bit larger than the Ring-billed Gulls it was hanging out with and has a spotty, browning coloring (since it’s a youngster)…

Bunch of Birds

Same story, different month. I haven’t posted in a while, don’t know why, just can’t seem to get around to processing photos. Birding and taking photographs is fun. processing them is not. But, it’s snowing and I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so here’s a bunch of birds from September and October. Swainson’s…

American Avocet

Here is an American Avocet foraging in the shallow water and mud on the east end of the Stillin’ Basin at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon. Avocets are odd looking birds with their upturned bills, bright blue legs, black and white bodies and wings, and rusty heads and necks. This solitary bird is a bit unusual,…

A Curve-billed Thrasher and a Cactus Wren

I was out on Plum Creek Road in southeastern Moore Countyk a few weeks ago to take photos of the Cactus Wrens that are nesting there when a Curve-billed Thrasher dropped by. The Cactus Wren was in no mood for company and the two squabbled for several minutes before the thrasher moved on.

Snowy Egret

Here’s a series photos I took of a Snowy Egret hunting at Lake Meredith’s Bugbee Canyon. Most of the photos were taken one morning in early August but the last 3 photos were taken at the last of August. I don’t know if it was the same bird or not. Love the yellow feet.

Cactus Wren

A friend and fellow birder found these Cactus Wrens on Plum Creek Road in southwestern Moore County. I went out there this morning after I got off work and managed to find them, thanks to his excellent directions. Cactus Wrens aren’t normally found in the area and actually, until my friend reported them on Saturday,…

Common Loon

Here’s a series of photographs of an immature Common Loon that’s been hanging out at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon this week. He’s all alone but that doesn’t stop him from practicing displaying. It’s a little unusual to see them this late in the spring.