Another Photo Dump

I have got to be one of the most inconsistent bloggers around. My last post was nearly 6 weeks ago. I go out birding nearly every day and I take a lot of photographs, it just seems too much trouble to get around to processing photos and posting Them, I have promised in the past…

Common Loon

Here’s a series of photographs of an immature Common Loon that’s been hanging out at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon this week. He’s all alone but that doesn’t stop him from practicing displaying. It’s a little unusual to see them this late in the spring.

A Few Unusual Birds

Migration is in full swing. Here are a few birds that I see every year, but they are still a bit unusual. Marbled Godwit   Willets   American Pipits   Common Loon. Sorry, the photos aren’t that great, it was really overcast and they were a long way off.   These are summer residents Western…

Lucky Shots

Last week was a pretty good one for getting photos of birds that I usually don’t even see, much less get photos of them. First was this Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Spring Canyon. My daughter and I heard him cuckooing and then he just flew into a nearby tree and I was able to get a…

Common Loon

A friend of mine told me that he had seen a Common Loon at Spring Canyon one morning last week and so I went out there on Friday and took a few photos and a video (he was calling)

Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroats are summer residents at Lake Meredith. They arrive in late April and early May and set up shop in the cattails at Spring Canyon and on the southwestern end of the lake. You can hear them singing throughout the last half of spring and most of the summer, but I rarely get a…


Spring Canyon has 4 ponds of differnt sizes, a half-mile long slough and acres and acres of wetlands. This spring has been one of the best for birds there since I started birding nearly 5 years ago. Heres a few of the waterfowl I saw out there last week. Northern Shoveler Common Merganser American Coot

Common Nighthawk

I drove out to Plum Creek this morning after I got off work. Plum Creek is on the west side of Lake Meredith, about 30-35 miles from my house, so I don’t get out there a lot.  It was a nice drive, and after all the rain this spring the pastures and canyons are lush.…

Photos from Early May

Here’s a few photographs from earlier in May that I haven’t gotten around to posting. May has been an interesting month with lots of rain and much cooler than normal temps.The lake is rising (up to 46.77 today from 26.5 36 months ago) and the countryside is greener than I’ve seen in quite a while.…

Early Morning at Spring Canyon

Here’s few more photographs from an early morning at Spring Canyon last week. Enjoy. American Coots have strange feet-large, with lobed toes instead of webbing. These coots are hobnobbing with a trio of Pied-billed Grebes. A Common Loon Greater Yellowlegs Killdeer Ladder-backed Woodpecker female Pied-billed Grebes American Goldfinch near a feeder in my yard.