Portraits and a Couple of Videos

Managed to get up close and personal with a few birds the other morning at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon and several birds agreed to let me take their portraits. Snowy Egret Northern Shoveler Wilson’s Phalarope Bonus Videos of Wilson’s Phalaropes and Long-billed Dowitchers

Cloudy Morning at Palo Duro Lake

Last week I made the hour-long drive up into Hansford County to Palo Duro Lake North of Spearman. It was cloudy and taking photos was difficult, but I did get a few decent photos of some of the birds I saw there. There are about one hundred Double-crested Cormorants nesting there. Here’s a few of…

Breakfast at Spring Canyon

I found this Black-necked Stilt and Snow Egret at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon last week, grubbing around for breakfast just after sunrise. This little Killdeer wanted to flirt. The Turkey Vulture was a bit stand-offish. An Eared Grebe graced us with its presence.

Snowy Egret

Here’s a series photos I took of a Snowy Egret hunting at Lake Meredith’s Bugbee Canyon. Most of the photos were taken one morning in early August but the last 3 photos were taken at the last of August. I don’t know if it was the same bird or not. Love the yellow feet.


The southwestern end of lake Meredith was crawling with Western and Clark’s Grebes this morning. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got the kayak out early and mad a 9-mile circuit around the SW part of the lake. It is only the second time I’ve had a chance to get out on the…

Cattle Egret

This lone Cattle Egret was hunting at Bugbee earlier this month. In the past there have been pretty large rookeries of these birds around the lake,but I’ve not run across any this year. They like to follow cattle around and eat the bugs that the cows stir up while grazing.

Two Posts in One Day

I’ve already posted once today, so I thought I’d throw everyone off balance by posting again. These were taken today at Lake Meredith. Nothing unusual, but some nice photos, especially of the RHWO. Cattle Egret Northern Cardinal Red-headed Woodpecker

Kayaking and Birding with Jake

My son and I went kayaking and birding earlier this week on Lake Meredith. Here’s what we saw. 9 Western Grebes; one of them might have been a Western/Clark’s Hybrid. I’m never 100% sure when it comes to bird IDs. American White Pelicans and Ring-billed Gulls chillin’ on the mud flats at the southwest end…