Early Morning Walk at Spring Canyon

I got up early the other morning and drove out to Spring Canyon at Lake Meredith and walked around the several ponds there. It was a beautiful morning, especially for the last week of winter and I was lucky enough to get several nice photos. Enjoy. Cinnamon Teal and Blue-winged Teal Ruddy Duck female Belted…

Peek-a-boo with a Red-tailed Hawk

Here’s another photo from my hike at McBride Canyon last week. This is a Red-tailed Hawk that was trying to see me as I tried to photograph him. I later saw him on another branch that had a better vantage point for both of us.


Here’s a few photos from the first week of fall. The photographs are from Lake Meredith National Recreation area unless otherwise noted. Red-tailed Hawk Red-bellied Woodpecker Ladder-backed Woodpecker Wild Turkey at Palo Duro Reservoir Say’s Phoebe Brown Thrasher at PDR Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets and American Coots American Coots American Coots and…

Swainson’s Hawks

I came upon an amazing assembly of Swainson’s Hawk adults and juveniles a couple of days ago on a dirt road just north of Panhandle, Texas.  I reported a hundred. I think that there was probably more.

Dark Days

Here’s more photographs from the last week. It’s been wonderfully rainy all week, but getting good shots of birds has been difficult. the lake is up a couple of inches, though, and that’s a nice turnaround from weeks and weeks of dropping levels. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Eastern Phoebe Spotted Sandpiper Double-crested Cormorant Blue-winged Teal Great Blue…


I posted my 180th bird sighting for the year today, my best year ever and it’s only 2/3rds gone.  My previous best was 171 back in 2013 and that year we took trips to the coast and to Missouri to see birds (okay, my parents live in Missouri,) and we didn’t get to the coast…

Late April and Early May

Here’s a few pictures that I didn’t get around to posting from late April and the first part of May, before we took off for Missouri. All were photographed around Lake Meredith except for the Cedar Waxwing and the Red-tailed Hawk which was at Palo Duro Reservoir and the Dickcissels, White-faced Ibis, and Black-crowned Night-Heron…

Late Winter Birds

Here’s a few more photos from several outings in early March. Savannah Sparrow Red-tailed Hawk Great Blue Heron American Wigeon Snow Goose coming in for a landing Dark Morph Snow Goose Field Sparrow Ladder-backed Woodpecker Ladder-backed Woodpecker females Mallards Blue-winged Teal Greater Yellowlegs Killdeer Osprey Song Sparrow  

Red-tailed Hawks

I saw this pair of Red-tailed Hawks at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon early yesterday morning. A very brave American Kestrel was trying to chase them off, They pretty much just ignored him.

A Few December Photographs

I’ve been kind of lazy about posting the last few weeks, so now I’m trying to catch up. Here’s some photos from December. Rock Wren Greater Roadrunner Ladder-backed Woodpecker Red-tailed Hawk (a dark morph juvenile) American Tree Sparrow American Coot Pied-billed Grebe