More Photos from Spring Canyon

Here’s a few more birds photographed at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon last week Semi-palmated Sandpiper Say’s Phoebe Franklin’s Gull Blue-winged Teal Rufous-crowned Sparrow Belted Kingfisher Lesser Yellowlegs Lark Sparrow Bewick’s Wren Song Sparrow American Kestrels Swainson’s Hawk. this wasn’t actually at Spring Canyon, but on the road as I was going there.

This Week at Lake Meredith

I’m seeing lots of migrants through Hutchinson Co., now, and some summer birds have arrived as well. Virginia Rails and Soras can be heard almost daily in the marshes below the dam in Spring Canyon. I saw Say’s and Eastern Phoebes at Spring Canyon and at McBride and Blue-winged and Cinnamon Teals on the Stillin…

Late Winter Birds

Here’s a few more photos from several outings in early March. Savannah Sparrow Red-tailed Hawk Great Blue Heron American Wigeon Snow Goose coming in for a landing Dark Morph Snow Goose Field Sparrow Ladder-backed Woodpecker Ladder-backed Woodpecker females Mallards Blue-winged Teal Greater Yellowlegs Killdeer Osprey Song Sparrow  

A Few Birds from McBride Canyon

This Red-bellied Woodpecker was at Lake Meredith’s McBride Canyon a few weeks ago. Yellow-rumped Warbler Red-tailed Hawk Curve-billed Thrasher Song Sparrow Say’s Phoebe Rufous-crowned Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco Snow Geese

Winter Birds

Some more of the winter residents around Meredith. Marsh Wren.  This guy was singing his head off. Song Sparrow. Canvasback and a Ring-billed Gull. Ring-billed Gull.

More Photos from 2013

Here’s a few more photos from the last 5 or 6 weeks of 2013.  I failed my resolve to post more often. I could cite a number of reasons but they would just be rationalizations.   Basically, I’m just lazy and there are too many things to do instead of this.  I go out birding…

Winter Sparrows

A new crowd of sparrows have arrived for the winter.  The Lark Sparrows and Cassin’s Sparrows of summer have given way to White-crowned Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos and Song Sparrows. White-crowned Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco Song Sparrow

Battle Ducks

Spring has sprung, although it’s still a bit schizo in Hutchinson County.  In the last week we’ve had 96 kph winds, snow, sleet, rain, hail, sunshine, and temps between -4° C and 25°C; a typical spring in the Texas Panhandle.  All the birds are in full breeding dress and the males are duking it out for…

Dry Spell

The last two months have been even drier than the regular drought around here.  Lake Meredith is below 29 ft and getting lower daily.  The playa near Panhandle is gone as well and so birding has been a little dry lately.  The dried weeds around Meredith and Palo Duro Reservoir north of us host hundreds…