Winter catch-up

Here are some photos that I never got around to posting from the last few months. Most were taken at Palo Duro Canyon. Roufous-crowned Sparrow Northern Mockingbird Hermit Thrush Golden-fronted Woodpecker Ladder-backed Woodpecker female at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon. American Goldfinch at my feeders Dark-eyed Junco at my feeders. Northern Cardinal Black-crested Titmouse Fox Sparrow…

Last Week at Palo Duro Canyon

I took a trip down to PDC last week and did a little hiking and birding. I didn’t see anything unusual but even so, a morning birding is still a fine morning. Black-crested Titmouse Fox Sparrow Hermit Thrush and a White-crowned Sparrow Northern Cardinal female Northern Cardinal male Northern Mockingbird Spotted Towhee

Palo Duro Canyon

I visited Palo Duro Lake on Thursday in the northern part of the panhandle and then on Friday I drove south an hour or so to the central part of the panhandle to Palo Duro Canyon.  I saw several birds that I hadn’t yet seen this year, but unfortunately, I had not charged my camera…

Hermit Thrush

I was able to get some nice pictures of a Hermit Thrush earlier this week at Palo Duro Canyon. He was in the underbrush near the blind and the lighting was kinda dramatic in the first one- a bit Fred McMurry/Barbara Stanwick film noirish.

Hermit Thrush

More pictures from Palo Duro Canyon. This is a Hermit Thrush, a close relative of the American Robin. Hermit Thrush American Robin

Palo Duro Reservoir

I drove up to Palo Duro Reservoir north of Spearman, Texas a few days ago and logged one of the highest species counts I’ve ever had-31 different birds in about 3 hours of hiking and driving around the lake and the area below the dam.  One of the sightings was a Swainson’s Thrush.  They aren’t…