Cactus Wren

A friend and fellow birder found these Cactus Wrens on Plum Creek Road in southwestern Moore County. I went out there this morning after I got off work and managed to find them, thanks to his excellent directions. Cactus Wrens aren’t normally found in the area and actually, until my friend reported them on Saturday,…

Bewick’s Wren

OK, so same story, I have been birding a lot since my last post, but I’ve been able to talk myself out of going through the photos and weeding out the crap quite successfully. I finally got it done today and will start posting them as I can. This is a Bewick’s Wren I saw…

Morning Bath

Pictures from early morning birding at Palo Duro Canyon last week. Northern Cardinal A Painted Bunting female and an Indigo Bunting female Indigo Bunting female Bewick’s Wren Black-crested Titmouse Eastern Phoebe  

A Few More Birds From Last Week

Here’s a few more birds I saw in my outings last week. Blue Grosbeak Painted Bunting Canada Goose Bewicks Wren Lark Sparrow Juvenile Orchard Oriole Western Kingbird Brown-headed Cowbird Red-winged Blackbird American Coot

More Photos from Spring Canyon

Here’s a few more birds photographed at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon last week Semi-palmated Sandpiper Say’s Phoebe Franklin’s Gull Blue-winged Teal Rufous-crowned Sparrow Belted Kingfisher Lesser Yellowlegs Lark Sparrow Bewick’s Wren Song Sparrow American Kestrels Swainson’s Hawk. this wasn’t actually at Spring Canyon, but on the road as I was going there.

Carolina Wren

Here’s another bird from the Missouri trip.  We have Rock Wrens, Bewick’s Wrens, Marsh Wrens, Canyon Wrens, and occasionally House Wrens, but I’ve never seen a Carolina Wren around here.

Now I Must be Off to Work

I’ve had a really good week off, lots of hiking, kayaking, and birding, but it’s back to work tomorrow. I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows so much time off, most of the time I only work 2 or 3 days a week, so I have lots of time to enjoy my hobbies.…

Palo Duro Canyon Again

Palo Duro Canyon, south of Amarillo, is one of my favorite birding spots. I usually get down there a couple of time a month. I went again a couple of days ago with my wife and two of my daughters and we hiked and climbed a bit and took photos of each other and of…

February in the Panhandle

Here’s a few photographs from the last week or so. It’s not been too bad of a winter this year-no really bad storms or severe cold snaps, so far.  I’ve seen some pretty deep snows around here in March, though, so I’m still not putting up my long johns. Here’s a few photos from the…