Late Winter, Early Spring, Texas Panhandle

Here’s a few photos of some of the birds I’ve come across in my wanderings over the last month.

Northern Shoveler, Spring Canyon, Lake Meredith

Black-necked Stilt, Spring Canyon, Lake, Meredith

Gray Catbird, Palo Duro Canyon

Fox Sparrow, Palo Duro Canyon

Great Blue Heron, Spring Canyon, Lake Meredith

Red-breasted Merganser male, Spring Canyon, Lake Meredith

Northern Pintail, Spring Canyon, Lake Meredith

American Avocet, Spring Canyon, lake Meredith

Red-breasted Merganser female, Spring Canyon, Lake meredith

Ruddy Duck female, Spring Canyon, Lake Meredith

Blue-winged Teal, Spring Canyon, Lake Meredith.

Snow Goose, Lake Meredith, Spring Canyon

Lesser Black-backed Gull and a Ring-billed Gull, Palo Duro Reservoir, Hansford County

Green-winged Teal, Spring Canyon, Lake Meredith

Rock Wren, Bugbee Canyon, Lake Meredith

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