Remember me?

Well, it’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve posted anything. There are lots of reasons, none of them really very good. I think the main reason is that I’ve lost my will to go through all the photos I take and weed out the crap and then clean up the ones left. Another reason is that it’s really not been that great a year for birding around here. There have been birds, but it’s just the same ones that are always around. I do enjoy going out and looking at them and I do take photos of them, but it is just too much trouble to go through hundreds of photos. Anyway, I finally did and these are the ones I kept.

Greater Roadrunner at Lake Meredith
Dickcissel, Carson County
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Lake Meredith
Yellow-headed Blackbird, Lake Meredith
Bald Eagle Palo Duro Reservoir, Hansford County
Killdeer, Lake Meredith
White-faced Ibis, Lake Meredith
Black-headed Grosbeak, Palo Duro Canyon
Merlin, Carson County
Ring-necked Pheasant, Carson County
Northern Cardinal, Palo Duro Canyon
Northern Mockingbird, Palo Duro Canyon

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