Green Heron

I saw this Green Heron at Spring Canyon a few days ago. They are migrants through here each fall and spring. They aren’t very big, only about a foot and a half tall with their neck stretched out and they weigh about half a pound. This one was preening, although he did make a grab for something while I watched, but he missed.

Green Heron (12)1280x821] 02Green Heron (13)1280x810] 03Green Heron (14)1280x784] 04Green Heron (16)1280x896] 05Green Heron (17)1280x799] 06Green Heron (19)1280x799] 07Green Heron (20)1280x796] 08Green Heron (21)1280x730] 09Green Heron (22)1280x828] 10Green Heron (24)1280x798] 11Green Heron (25)1280x888] 12Green Heron (26)1280x838] 13Green Heron (27)1280x810] 14Green Heron (28)1280x833] 15Green Heron (29)1280x853] 16Green Heron (30)1280x809] 17Green Heron (32)1280x906] 18Green Heron (33)1280x825] 19

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